"Pharmacy 2030" - Perspectives on provision of pharmacy services in Germany

The healthcare system in Germany is facing major challenges: The number of older people and of people suffering from multiple illnesses is growing. It is therefore essential to enable community pharmacies play a key role in the healthcare system of the future. In 2014, the annual meeting of German pharmacists in Munich adopted by a large majority the paper "Pharmacy 2030". This confirmed the result of a year-long national debate involving thousands of pharmacists who had expressed their opinions online and at conferences. An updated version 2.0 of "Pharma 2030" was published in 2022, reflecting the latest developments in society, politics and science.

The perspective paper has one central message: Pharmacists want to concentrate on their role as healthcare professionals, as experts in medicines. Providing patients with evidence-based consultation on medicines should be at the centre of work. The long-term goal is to achieve safe and efficient drug treatment. An important building block for this is the introduction of a systematic, individual medication management system. This also requires a healthcare professional network with clearly defined responsibilities and interfaces as well as a solid basis of data.

By adopting the perspective paper in 2014, the strategic implementation process has begun. Three most urgent aspects are to be pointed out: First, one needs to define in which way a systematic medication management system can be performed. Second, the structures of a comprehensive, high-quality and efficient provision of medicines should be adjusted for the future. Third, it is important to determine how the qualifications (basic education, further education, continuing education) of future pharmacists must be developed.