World Pharmacy Council (WPC)

The WPC was founded in 1987 under the name Pharmintercom. The members recognised the need for community pharmacists to have a voice to influence health policy at an international level and to expand its membership beyond the seven founding members. In 2017, the WPC was established.

The aim of the WPC is to give local pharmacies a voice at international level. By 2025 the World Pharmacy Council is established and acknowledged as an informed and respected data driven expert on the actual and potential role of community pharmacy in patient care and public health, advocating for using the full scope of practice of community pharmacists as part of integrated care of patients with acute or chronic conditions, and as providers of public health services, in line with the recommendations of organizations such as the OECD.

The WPC is an associate member of the OECD (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development) Expert Group on Economics.

ABDA has been a member of the WPC since 2023 and is represented there by Vice President Mathias Arnold and Dr. Jens Gobrecht (Director of the European Representation and International Affairs). ABDA officially introduced itself to the members of the WPC at the annual conference in May 2023.